Another good guy with cc story


Shot it the head, lost an eye, got back in the fight when he heard the screams for help, and put 4 into the shooter’s chest.

That’s one hard motherfucker. I bet, until that moment, he didn’t know he had warrior blood in him.


"As Hunt continued his alleged rampage, two other women began fighting back against the suspect and screamed for Mendez, knowing he had a concealed carry weapon, Mendez said.

“By the glory of God or the adrenaline and just everything, just the will to live and the will to protect my family, I was able to hear those pleas, those yells for help. I heard my name. And I was able to get up,” he said.

He was able to pull out his firearm and shoot the suspect four times in the chest. "

God fucking damn that is some intense shit. Mans a warrior.


Seriously impressive


This story is obviously bullshit.

The governor of NY says so:


Says the twat surrounded by… armed security…

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“This racist POS should have just called 911 and politely asked the shooter to wait for the police to arrive.”
— Gun Confiscators

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You couldn’t get me to piss on that cunt if she was on fire.

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