Attn Copypaste

Copypaste zero
Can you tell me what crimes Paul
Manafort was charged and convicted with while he was campaign manager

Can you show me any evidence besides your gut feeling that trump direvted Paul manafort to do anything legal or illegal with any russians

Can you provide any evidence that manafort may have given polling data to someone from ukraine for any other reason that to get paid

I will wait

Don’t want the other thread to get muddled

Please let @CopyPasteHero answer1st

You can do it Copypaste. We trust in you.

He can’t.
Because it didn’t happen.

He assumes it happened
He says it probably happened
Most likely happened must have happened

But there is zero evidence that it happened


Imagine giving attention to that amoeba looking faggot

Season 9 Lol GIF by The Office

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Shh. I’m trying to lure him in…

Looks like he is tucking

@NoNeed4aScreenName Just thought you should be aware of this thread.

I asked these questions 10 x on another thread and he didn’t answer

I’m waiting over here as his answer to trump collusion is manafort colluded with Russians to swing the 2016 election

It turns out trump did not direct manafort to give sell, Show any campaign documents to any Russian / Ukrainian etc

Manafort may or may not have given sold shown documents to a Ukrainian on his own but if he did he has said it was for money only and had nothing to do with the campaign

And this action of true was not illegal in any way as manafort was never charged let alone convicted of any crime related to the campaign

so there is zero evidence. None

That Donald trump colluded or conspired in any way with any Russians to swing the 2016 election

If I’m wrong I’m sure Copypaste will show me any evidence “besides his unfounded allegations” correct?

Dude he’s never going to address this.

I think you will drive him to start another screen name.

I can only hope

Trumpbrokeme is open I think

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