Biden's New WH Monkeypox Coordinator

At this point the retarded black lesbian hires are starting to look more solid.


At least he got someone who is taking an active role in spreading monkeypox.


Are you implying he’s a homosexual?

Who said anything about homosexual? You fucking fascist.

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Not true… he put bandaids on all his sores!

Probably has a bandaid on his nipples and cock.

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Oooo the Andrew Cuomo special!

Think about it Tone, sudden weight loss?


He’s in charge of the aids too. He’s the aids boss.

Lets be honest, it makes sense cause Monkeypox ain’t infecting straight people.

I guess in a way it makes sense to have some faggot with grids in charge of all that stuff. Let them work it out amongst themselves.

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Thinking about buying one of them nipples holsters.

He’s cute!

What are the chances this guy says it’s no big thing and steps down ?. .

Yass queen

If there are outbreaks in gay communities wouldn’t it be pragmatic to put someone in charge who is also gay and understands the culture and community etc.

During the period where AIDS was common one of the main problems they had in educating gay communities was shame and lack of trust in public institutions.

This seems like a good move for everyone imo