Did Any of You go to Burning Man?

I’ve never been, was thinking maybe next year. Its a bunch of people from all over drugged out in the desert with lack of police presence or jurisdiction and then everyone leaves making any crimes commited there practically impossible to follow up on yes?

Im just gonna go lowkey under the radar as a single guy and see what happens. What opportunities present themselves to me. Of ourse if another wolf was there we could hunt together…

You will find lots of dick and be very satisfied


I didn’t go this year but I did go years ago. It was not what I had expected it all. What Burning Man SEEMS to be are a bunch of hippies and losers free reign to do drugs out in the desert for a week - it is NOT that.

What it really is, is a collection of passionate people to create this temporary city and temporary society that works harmoniously - only because it lasts a week long. They seriously have about every sub culture featured in the seemingly infinite camps there and the harsh conditions are appropriate.

Not everyone is on drugs. Sure, there is a lot of that, but it’s much more than that. If you are a builder/creator/artist, this place is a dream world. A bunch of people who are extremely talented in building and engineering, with enormous resources, building insane art. That was worth it alone.

There was even a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu represented there. I rolled out there. The funny thing is, one of the few people I met the entire time that was obnoxious at Burning Man was during the open mat I went to.


So its gay?


It’s what you make of it, I suppose. Actually, there are WAY more dudes than girls there.

I went in 2019. It’s a good time.

BITCHES always hide inside the homes men built watching reality tv of a world men hold together while these CUNTS never want to give a nice guy a chance!

Kid’s aren’t allowed… you wouldn’t like it…

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Im attracted to women into their 30s and sometimes even 40s sometimes.

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Would you take a 48 year old ??? Asking for a friend…

Its doubtful. The less attracted I am the more violent and sadistic the altercation has to be for me to get turned on.

It’ll be Gay if you go Chese_girl

Yeah, that definitely doesn’t sound like hippie loser shit.

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You will find lots of dick and be very satisfied

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Becuse they have kids

I went in 2009 and 2010.got too gay ( literally and figuratively) and expensive after my local indigenous connect for tickets went to jail.

i was involved in a shooting a couple days before the second year i went and my supposedly tolerant open minded campmates gave me the leper treatment without getting details. Soured me on that place and dirty rich hippies in general

There was a dude i met out there that year that had my back though and he used to post/lurk here .big rick the paramedic cant remember his sn

Have fun stuck in traffic.

What is with you fuckin chomos, Im trying to talk about burning man and you gay pedos wont stop typing shit about kids. Go kill yourself before you molest one.

Sorry EggplantTom had to get that outa the way. We should go to burner next year and team up to take these pussy hippies for all they got! What happens in the desert, stays in the desert. Only law the law of the wolf!

lol Id just drive off to the side of everyone.

Offer expired… she’s my soul mate now…