Going to Beverly Hills - What to do?

Those that have visited my GF feet thread knows she goes to LA every third week. I’m heading down this weekend for the week, and am looking for ideas of what to do?!
So obviously we are hitting the beach a couple times during the week.

Her best friend and husband are taking us to https://yamashirohollywood.com for dinner Friday night.

Saturday evening we are going to watch the Diaz fight in Hollywood. - ANY suggestions on where to watch without an Affliction Tshirt dress code?

Sunday is 6 flags

She tried to buy tix for Dodgers, Angels, LAFC, Galaxy, and SJ Earthquake. They are all away games.

I have Monday and Tuesday to myself. I’ll hit muscle beach and get a workout in. Rollerblade the seawall.

Was thinking of renting a Ferrari to drive the PAC Coast hey to a Malibu if it’s not an insane amount.

I’m open to all ideas you guys may have. Even giving $5 blowjobs on Venture Blvd. Only live once.

Pic of said GF as per rules


when in rome do as the romans do

shit on the sidewalk


Smash and grab jewelry store robbery as long as you don’t hurt anyone


Yamashiros dope for the view. Foods Ok.

Usually go over the hill for concerts so would see what’s playing around the area and hit a classic restaurant depending on area the shows in. Like if you’re going to the Whiskey or Roxy you go to the Rainbow if it’s east Hollywood you can stop at the Dresden or Musso and Frank.

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You going through with the $5 blowjobs?

What time you opening ahop?

Seriously, get out of there. Go somewhere less criminal.

Came to post shitting in the street


Do this after you shit in the street


Going to Beverly hills and everything you have planned is outside of Beverly hills lol. Nothing to do there but spend lots of money. Laugh factory or Hollywood improv are good clubs. You can try the comedy store if you can get tickets

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That’s what I figured. I’m not buying anything in Rodeo.
May as well explore outside the area

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there’s a lot of famous graves there…


All my favorites! Roxy rainbow, Dresden and MF. And a quick stop at jumbos clown room.


Oh we do have plans to hit a Speakeasy or 2 one of the evenings. Any suggestions for that?

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That’s Jake Shields in drag.

Post your girl’s pic and stop fucking around…


The elbows are suspiciously rounded. I suspect some editing.

just spoke to my pal Cotton and he recommends the local restaurant The Yard House

now I want to know how you recognize shields in drag

It’s well known I be sliding up on trannies. I’m a liberal after all

Who doesn’t?

I never get invited to the good parties

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