How do you guys pay your bills

I have most of my bills set up for auto billing.

But there are a few I need to pay

For most bills I pay them as soon as I get them

but there are a couple I wait to pay

Not sure why… I have the money and I’m on my phone all the time

But my cell phone gets paid on the due date and the interstate toll bill is sitting on my desk. Waiting to get paid

Not sure why.

how do you guys pay?

When it’s due?

Prepay (I prepay 1)

Late pay?

I pay everything via various credit cards. Nothing auto billing. I’m a points guy more than cash back and I enjoy the benefits of only using CC’s.

Sometimes I pay off before the bill is due, more times than not actually. I don’t carry balances unless I am parking at 0% APR.

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My bitches pay my bills for me.

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All autopay except my credit card. All regular bills (gas, grocery, orders, electric, etc.) go on my credit card and I manually pay it in full every month online.

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Spoken like a moron!

My credit cards are set to automatically get paid in full each month.

My bills that don’t have a credit card processing fee get automatically charged to my credit card to get the points/cash back. Everything else, I send a payment through my banks online bill pay. I set up the payment as soon as the bill comes out, but set it to pay them about a week before it’s due even though I have the cash

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I don’t do auto pay because I like to know when something is going to be withdrawn from my account….plus , I pay everything with credit cards and just pay off the balance whenever I get paid …I get free airfares and hotel stays because of my credit card points


Bills? Shit, I voted democrat. Daddy Biden will take care of me. Loans for liberal art degree…paid off! Next he’ll get my credit cards. Haven’t needed to pay rents since covid.

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The only bills I have are my mortgage and a couple credit card bills.

I pay the credit cards off, in full, every month and I login to my accounts and make the payments manually. Mainly just to check my statements and look for suspicious activity.

My mortgage payment is auto-drafted out of my checking account, but it’ll be paid off by the end of the year. We have to pay our auto insurance once a year and it’s done via one of the credit cards. When our mortgage is gone and homeowners isn’t deducted from escrow, I’ll pay it with a credit card once a year when I pay our auto insurance.

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No utilities or phone bill (personal)
Insurance is auto pay quarterly
Couple of apps are auto (YT, spotify, Tinder, etc)
2 Cc paid off monthly (travel points)

Taxes are theft, not a bill.


French Yes GIF by Groundhog Day



This is the way

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We use a monthly budget app so auto pay payments are already budgeted in

Theres no surprise if you do it right And actually have money in your account to pay your bills

With my student loans

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I just call them and remind them that I’m a Lannister and that usually shuts them up for awhile

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Everything is auto pay for me. Saved my wife a ton of headaches last year when I was in the hospital. She didn’t have to worry about things getting messed up or turned off.

With money…

Stopped suckin dick in 2022 and my resolution has been kept so far!