Nate vs khamzat is the biggest fight of the year

This one has all the writings of a classic tale. Old guard vs new guard, OG vs G. No title necessary. This is about bragging rights. If you can’t get up for this fight then you might wanna check your T levels.


Nate Diaz Sport GIF by UFC

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Im stoked for it. I feel like hazmat might dismantle nate, but its truly crazy to think with one more minute nate may have beat the current WW champ. If it turns into an absolute war in nates last ufc fight thats all we can ask for

There’s a good chance Nate gets smoked but khamzat might stand in the pocket and brawl with Nate which is dangerous for anyone. There’s a path to beating Nate and Khamzat might be too cocky to take it.

I’m rooting for Nate but I’ll be surprised if he gets out of the first round.