Scarface - watched for the 1st time

Only ever watched bits and pieces, never sat down and watched the whole thing until tonight.

My thoughts SPOILERS

Good movie, not that great

Tony was an asshole, and a cuck. He got friendzoned and offered to marry the chick before she even gave him the time of day.

Manny was a good guy that got fucked by his so called best friend.

Tony deserved worse than he got.

Oh and Elvira and Gina were hotties

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I rate it. 5 out of 10. The movie is a bit too “Latin”.


I liked Carlito’s Way better

Not even overacting could save that shitty movie.

I forgot that part.

The “Latin” in it sucks. Al sounds like a white boy pretending to have a Hispanic accent. No where near authentic.

I think he is secretly not a very good actor.

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Razor Ramon was a better Tony Montana than Pacino.


Come on mang? What a ju sayin to me a cockaroachy

Ju want too play ruff? Ok, I play ruff


The film aged very poorly, but Tony Montana is still hero worshipped by morons.

Every shitbag house I’ve been in had Scarface movie poster hanging.

Its a fun movie. Over the top but a great watch. 7/10 but bumped to 8/10 for rewatch value.


All day.
Madness is the other posts.
Newbies tend to rate this movie low.

Edit: Failed to quote. This is quoting above post

A lot of cult classics may not be great acting wise or master pieces, but they are great for whatever reason

That’s not a cuck. He killed him and took his wife. She really didn’t have much say but she didn’t oppose, she seemed happy at first but we know how that ended.

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I liked it for what it is.

I remember liking the PS2 Scarface game too years ago.