Which OG will be the FIRST to get the MONKEY POX?

Which OG will be the FIRST to get the MONKEY POX?

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well, I do have some bisexual female friends, so I guess there is a possibility

Ewwwww…someone is positive

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also the other day I was enjoying a stroll at the village park where I encountered two lesbians walking and holding hands. The barbie made eyes at me, smiled, and said “hello” as we passed by each other and the BUTCH was obviously angry with jealousy. They probably had a good row later!

I don’t have any symptoms yet so I don’t think they had the MonkeyPox.

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no not yet, but I will be sure to let the OG know if I ever get the MonkeyPox. I’ve got my GAY JapFriend on the TRAVEL BAN until this thing is under CONTROL!

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I’m guessing the FIRST OG to get the MONKEY POX will be one of those FAUX CONservative RepubliCONS who are always whining and moaning about “Liberal Immorality”

I know it sure won’t be @spjackson77 or any other AOC/Bernie supporter!

Nytron or one of his alt accounts

Skeet Wheatstraw !

I’ll prolly get it. Not from gay sex, but from jiu-jitsu which is gay, but not as gay as gay sex.

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definitely ArtificialKid the elderly man who pretends to be a child on the internet

Leave members of the elite 8 alone fuck face

Coming from a fossil with a TT name.

Fall back Moses

yeah im not aware of all the roleplaying he does

just the bit where he pretends to be a child who hates pedos

but good luck with your internet gang or whatever

Lol we’re the same age. One of us pretends to be black on the internet…

Enjoy the monkey pox

I’ll have you know that i have been doing this well before the internet sir.
You have no idea of the trans racial struggle

Biggot !