Mitt Romney hasn’t yet committed to a reelection bid in 2024 – but he sounds a lot like he’s running: "I like the job. It’s fun."

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Don’t see it happening.

romneys gona win this fuckin thing

Romney was among the first GOP senators to call out Trump’s “big lie” over the 2020 presidential election results. He voted to convict Trump of inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

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The entire Republican Party hates Mitt Romney.

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I’d love to see Trump body slam Mitt 96% to 4% in Iowa.


It’s the things like this that make me think you’re a troll and not a true beliver.

There’s more chance of me taking a leak and it landing on the moon than him winning the nomination

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If you’re standing outside a movie studio there’s a real chance that could happen.


Mitt had his chance in 2012 and dropped the ball.

He’s a safe Senate seat for the GOP establishment, but that is about it.

The roadmap to de-MAGAfying the republican party is new faces; not a reminder of a brutal election loss.

It needs to be people who are not attached to the Trump orbit and are did not crash and burn running for president already.

  • Tim Scott
  • Larry Hogan
  • Chris Sununu
  • Charlie Baker
  • Glenn Youngkin

Collins/Murkowski are potential choices, but Collins burned bridges with the Kav vote and Murkowski is a regional politician with no mainstream flavor.

Remember these names like you’re Mike Shinoda in 2005.

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I can ASSURE you that I didn’t vote for CreepyJoe or that DEVIL StormyDon Trumpstein!

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Whether you like Trump or not, he commands a massive share of the Republican vote. Especially those likely to vote in a primary (they tend to be far more politically motivated, i.e., MAGA types).

2024 is very simple. Either Trump runs and secures the nomination or the person he endorses will be the nominee. I think if Trump runs, he will win the nomination. I think if he doesn’t run, the winner will have to have his endorsement.

No candidate can sustain attempting to for President as the GOP nominee while crazy liberals attack the AND Trump and his army of followers attack them too. If a person like Romeny, Cheney, Sununu, Collins, etc…got anywhere close to a Presidential ticket, he would troll the fuck out of them.

The 2024 election, sadly, will still be about Trump and Trump’s orbit of influence. Like it or not…(not sure this is a winning strategy in a national election, but it will easily win a GOP primary).

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If he runs, he will have enough delegates after Super Tuesday to be the presumptive nominee.

That is the issue for the GOP.

The guy who is the favorite to sweep the primaries is also the guy who is most certainly going to lose in the general election.

The FBI raid was a huge tactical win for the democrats because it rallied the entire GOP behind Trump again. Before the raid, his hold on the GOP had begun to wane per polling and even some straw polls.

Now the GOP is on the MAGA train again, and that train is destined for HELL.

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He moved to Utah because he has the LDS church backing him. Even though he’s unpopular with conservatives, he’s still is going to have a good chance of winning re-election. Historically the Mormon church has been on the right, but sense Covid they have swung to the Democratic Party. They even tried to pressure all their members to take the COVID vaccine. I know some people who left the religion over it.

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